NMEA - Universal Protocol Converter

nmea interface and nmea converter from O.ØverlandUPC 2000

State of art hardware, made by Mectro MIL spec. approved manufacturer. High end components used, Intel® 8031 processor, gold plated sockets.

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More than 2000 units sold to almost all manufacturers of Marine Electronics. 20 years of experience. Easy installation due to LED indicators: Red: power on. Green: input signal received, input signal accepted. Yellow: output signal indication, test program on. Test program stored in E-prom, no input needed. Perfect for service and simulation use.

Standard programs

More than 200 different programs available on request! For more information send an e-mail.
GPS (NMEA 0183, VTG) to LOG 200 pulse per nautical mile.

Special programs available (2009)

Baude rate converter:

Input:      Output:
1200          9600
9600          1200
4800          9600
4800          38.400
9600          4800
19.200      4800

NMEA 0183 Program Filters

HDT 10Hz to 1Hz
HDT 1Hz to 10Hz
HEHDT filter 10Hz
GP/HE HDT 2 decimals, 10Hz output

Illustrations of Cards

Illustration 1
Illustration 2
Illustration 3
Illustration 4