NMEA Buffer - Serial Line Splitter

nmea interface and nmea converter from O.ØverlandNMEA 0183, RS232, RS422, current loop

State of art hardware – NMEA Splitter and NMEA buffer – made by Mectro MIL spec. approved manufacturer. High end components used. 20 years of NMEA interface experience.

Easy installation: LED signals for: power on, input signal received, signal output indication.


Short circuit protected output.
2 separate IC drivers for 2 x 4 outputs.

Technical data

Power supply galvanic isolated: 24vDC
Signal input: NMEA 0183, RS232, RS422, current loop.
Signal output: RS 422, 8 x 50mA.
Power consumption: 500mA.
Dimension: print card 10x16 cm.
Housing: aluminium box.
Weight: 0,5kg.