UPC 6000 - DNV approved NMEA Serial line splitter – NMEA buffer

upc 6000 - serial line splitter from O.Øverland

UPC 6000 is a DNV approved serial line splitter and programable nmea converter, with 2 seperate inputs and 14 outputs.

Dual power input with autoswitching. USB connector for signal logging and configuring. If input A is invalid, input B will take over after 4 sec. Input A and B can also be programmed to multiplex A and B and transmit them as one sentence.

The powersupply and both signal inputs are galvanic isolated from the outputs.

Special Programs

  • Customer specified programs delivered within 14 days.
  • Conversion of Proprietary records to Standard NMEA sentences.
  • Conversion of "Taker indientifier" records within 14 days.
  • Now more than 50 programs available.

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