Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how O.Øverland AS Electronics collect and use personal data.

Who is handling the data?

O.Øverland AS Electronics manage your personal data.

What is the purpose?

We use common cookies and analytics programs to collect data from our website users. The purpose is to see how the website is used and identify ways to improve it. Personal data is collected strictly to improve customer service and ensure that we are providing relevant products.

We use cookies to track users across websites. The purpose is to show adverts that are relevant and engaging for the individual user, thus making them more valuable for publishers and third-party providers.

You consent to our use of cookies by using our website. You can read more about our cookie policy below.

What is the lawful basis of processing?

The lawful basis for the processing of your personal data is your voluntary and informed consent.

What data is collected and where are they collected?

You can choose to give us your contact information (name, e-mail, phone number) by using our contact form, or by contacting us.

We collect general information about our users through Google Analytics, for instance how many users who visit the website and which pages are visited. We do not collect information about individual users.

Is giving away data voluntary?

Giving personal information to O.Øverland AS Electronics is voluntary. You can change or withdraw your consent to having your data collected below.

Is the data given to third-parties?

Personal information is not given to any third-parties. We share how you use our website with social media-, advertisement- and analytics partners, who can then combine it with other data you have made available to them or data they have collected through your use of their services.

How is the information stored and deleted?

All information collected about how the website is used, is stored by Google Analytics. We do not store any of your data locally. We do generate reports concerning user traffic on our website. User and event data are automatically deleted after 26 months. We store contact information for use in further communication.

What are my rights and which country’s laws are applicable?

You have the right to full access to the data that we have collected from you. You can also request that your data is corrected or deleted. Norwegian law is applicable.

How is the information secured?

Only people who are analysing user trends and average usage of our website have access to the information stored in Google Analytics. Information given to us through inquiries and further communication is stored on password protected computers.

Contact information

Contact us if you want access to your user data.

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